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When the bicycle was invented, it started to revolutionize the way people travel. Even though the forerunner of bicycles called the “dandy horse” originated in Germany, The two-wheeled transport became the standard personal vehicle for billions of people in many parts of the world. In time, the bike evolved into a vehicle used in sport and recreation. Its design, type of materials used and accessories also changed dramatically, together with the way bikers use them.

The mountain bike is one of the classes of bikes that were developed for sport and recreation. It was intended for off-road cycling where terrains are rough and full of natural obstacles. Very few bike manufacturers dared to venture into the production of mountain bikes, because of its stressful application. Scott Sports is one of the few sports equipment manufacturers who ventured into mountain bike production in 1986. At present, the Scott bike is one of the most popular types of mountain bike, not only in Europe, but in other continents as well. Their models become an instant hit with athletes and hobbyists. Some of the popular ones are the Scott Addict, Contessa Speedster and Contessa Spark.

First in the Industry

The quality of the bike Scott produced did not fail with the expectation of their loyal customers as well as sports critics. They introduced useful innovations that made their bikes more sophisticated. Some of these essential features are.

  • The patented aerodynamic handlebar that produced a champion in the Tour de France.
  • First suspension fork for bikes dubbed as the Unishock.
  • Carbon fiber technology for weight reduction and more rigidity.

Like swimming, mountain biking has also numerous styles, and they are mostly derived from the kind of terrain the bikes would be used. Different categories of bikes have been developed like Trail Bikes, Cross Country, Downhill, Enduro all-mountain, Trials, and Dirt Jumping. Scott Sports has a line up of mountain bikes for all these categories. Aside from the full assembled units, they also have a wide selection of mountain frames. They are for customers who want to customize a mountain bike to fit into their lifestyle.

These categories are developed to enable riders to reach their optimum conditioning stage with the use of proper equipment. Mountain bikes are not being used by riders alone. There are athletes who adopt biking as part of their training regime, especially for endurance training. There are also other sports like the triathlon that include cycling as one of the stages. For this application, Scott has the carbon road bike Plasma models triathlon bike group. For women, the Contessa Speedster series is included in this category. These carbon aero bikes incorporate top of the line Shimano parts for speed and durability.

Bikes for Everybody

The mountain road Hybrid is the series for urban use. It includes the Sub, Sportster and Metrix series models. They are intended for going around busy streets, commuting, or dropping by at the grocery store. Mountable Urban-kit rack and fender are included for transporting of goods. The frame is made of double butted 6061 alloy with Shimano parts. For Cyclocross, the Scott Addict is the bike of choice, having a frame and fork entirely made of carbon to withstand the rigors of the rough terrain.

With the Contessa series, it is nice to think that Scott is giving importance to the female gender in the design and production of their bikes. The numerous models of Contessa prove that they value this segment of the market. Another series is exclusively made for the youth who occupies a large part of the market. Their advance research and development process enabled the company to come up with bike variations that will fit a variety of people. As Scott continues to refine the processes in bike manufacturing, they will strengthen their grip on the market for specialized mountain bikes.

Customer Service

In some forums, there was a case when an owner of Scott Spark 10 complained that the seatstays are not available when he decided to replace his. It was broken due to a crash. Hence, it was not covered with the warranty clause. However, the customer pointed out that he was willing to pay for it and ordered it from the local dealer. Sadly, the shop informed him that Scott is not selling this type of bicycle part by piece. The customer was shocked because his $300 mountain frame would turn into a piece of junk. This is a negative side of customer service, and not the product itself.

Key to Success

The expansion of Scott Sports in Europe in 1978 proved to be a turning point for the mountain bike producer. They have managed to establish their brand of bikes in the market. They perfected the use of carbon for the mountain frames and fork, and introduced special accessories for the bikers’ convenience. They haven’t neglected the riders’ safety, with other equally important safety gear especially the helmets.

Outdoor sports are gaining popularity because of the shift to green living. Hiking, biking and camping are some of the sports and recreation that supports this advocacy. With this trend, people will definitely look for a bike that they can use for a longer period. Urban dwellers would also prefer mountain road hybrid models that they can use in the city and if they decide to climb a mountain. Women will always prefer equipment that is customized for them. Considering this criteria, Scott has all the advantages.

Bicycles have gone a long way since the 1900s and they continue to get better every now and then. Scott Sports defined the way on how bikes should be made in these modern times. Some people might wonder why a mountain bike producer would care to research about carbon fibers, make a mountain road hybrid for versatility, and produce a separate triathlon bike. The company is not just producing a mountain bike for all, but for each individual. Science and technology taught Scott that they can make every mountain bike model better by investing on research and development. This philosophy made them one of the leading sport equipment companies worldwide.

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